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Millie’s Place is Madisonville’s Unofficial Community Center

I hate to call the Sunday buffet at Millie’s Place a “buffet.” It’s more of a fellowship dinner.

Despite Its Name, Main Street Tavern Doesn’t Serve “Bar Food.”

Many just look at the brunch menu here and then go home full. Glory, glory, hallelujah. 

The Echo Is Still a Hyde Park Icon

Seventy-three-year-old The Echo might be considered ordinary in any other neighborhood, but it’s oddly become an icon of posh Hyde Park. As a matter of fact, its averageness is what makes it unique.

Fine Diving: Truva Cafe Mediterranean

Wraps filled with spit-roasted meat are stars at this Mediterranean cafe.

Fine Diving: O’Malley’s in the Alley

With so many of life’s refugees hanging out here, it explains why O’Malley’s has gotten so busy.

Fine Diving: Boswell’s in Northside

Everything at Boswell’s has been around for a long time: the brick walls, the ornate wooden bar, even the regulars. They’re still here and happy that original owners Mike and Jan Beck are back to spread their love of the community.

Song Long Is Roselawn’s Hidden Gem

The prices are reasonable, the place is centrally located, and the charm of the aging character abounds.

Takeout Hero: Red Sesame Korean BBQ

B.J. Kim is the sauce whisperer.

Fine Diving: Ruthai’s Thai Kitchen

For 17 years, Tim and Ruthai Sanphasiri-Tansantikulatt have been serving up Thai treats like the mango fried rice with chicken, beef, pork, egg, peppers, and mangoes in roasted chili paste.

Takeout Hero: Jim Dandy’s BBQ

If you hit this Sharonville mainstay around lunch hour, there’s so much middle-aged testosterone in the dining room you’ll expect an arm-wrestling championship to break out any minute.