Sound of the City


On February 12, Musician “Uncle” Dave Lewis and Indiana University’s Patrick Feaster discuss Cincinnati’s Ohio Phonograph Company at the downtown public library. Five reasons to go:

1. Home Team 
The OPC was an industry pioneer, hitting it big in the 1890s, at the dawn of recorded sound.

2. Destination 
Back then, listening to a record meant leaving the house and going somewhere. OPC’s innovation was phonograph arcades, sort of like video arcades with jukebox machines, each able to play one tune. 

3. Mano a Mono 
Founder James Andem got into a brutal legal battle with Thomas Edison. Find out who was Batman and who was the Joker in this contest.

4. Hearing Eyes  
Patrick Feaster can reveal what a lost, early recording sounded like with only a picture of the recording! 

5. Comic Gold 
He’ll play one of OPC’s best-selling artist Pat Brady’s un-PC “Irishman” monologues.

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