St. Veronica Church (June 27–29)


When you’re one of the oldest games in town, there’s bound to be some debate about your real age. “We’re billing this as the 65th annual festival,” says St. Veronica Church Festival cochair Chuck Glaser. “Some older parishioners say it’s only the 64th…anyway, we’re probably the longest running in the area.”

Regardless of its vintage, St. Veronica’s has all the earmarks of a classic Catholic church fest: junk food, alcohol, and gambling. Pick your poison: funnel cakes, brats and metts, soft serve ice cream, and a full fried chicken or roasted pork dinner on Sunday.

The domestic beer on hand runs from enlightened (Yuengling) to downright neighborly (Mt. Carmel), plus boozy frozen drinks can be found in—what else?—a “Tiki Hut.” And while instant bingo and roulette games are readily available on the festival grounds, don’t miss the indoor casino in the multi-purpose room (the good and rightful home of all church-sanctioned dens of iniquity). For the kiddos there are rides (check out the Murray’s Time Machine and the Fun Slide), a game tent with plenty of winner-every-time options, and a speed pitch. And for the kiddos-at-heart, the coolest raffle prize in town: a Weber charcoal smoker and $250 worth of meat. God bless America. 4473 Mt. Carmel Tobasco Rd., Union Township,

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