Holy Cross-Immaculata Mt. Adams Festival (August 1 & 2)


Come summer, there’s no one more sanctified than a parishioner who’s also a retired restaurateur. At Holy Cross-Immaculata’s annual party, the faithful queue up for a chicken dinner cooked by Dixie Cherrington, a church member and former owner of the eponymous and much-mourned Mt. Adams bistro. Miss out and you can content yourself with corn on the cob, tacos, and a hot grill serving some superb Italian sausage. This is a parish event, but the spirit is ecumenical (Mt. Adams Pilgrim Chapel is among the sponsors) and neighborly (Crowley’s Bar runs the beer booth; last year there were Moerlein offerings and Hudepohl’s Summer Pils on tap). Silent auction items reflect the tasteful vibe: tempting goodie baskets, memberships, and tickets from Eden Park’s arts organizations; and for serious shoppers, framed prints and a beautiful 12-string Alvarez guitar. Just don’t expect amusement rides. The big deal here is music. Five bands played the gig last summer: L.A. rockers Crash Kings and Nico Vega and local faves the Modulators, Buffalo Killers, and Ricky Nye & the Red Hots. (This year, the Modulators and Gee Your Band Smells Terrific are scheduled to perform.) 30 Guido St., Mt. Adams, 2011.hciparish.org/

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