Open: Katharina’s Konditorei



I’ve been avoiding this for weeks. I worried that if I told too many people, I could no longer sneak in for an amiable weekend breakfast and a coffee. But it’s too late; the word is out. Katharina’s Konditorei in Newport is the new belle of the ball, the antidote to all the soulless corporate American crap in your life. One of those places where you can stop in and smell the pastries cooking in the oven at the back of the shop, where the coffee is refilled with a sunny smile by patroness Elena Williams, in surroundings that are poised old world, yet also manage to be comfortable and cozy, or as she would say in German, gemütlich. Stop in for coffee and cake in the afternoon, a light lunch midday, or plan to enjoy a leisurely German-style breakfast that involves a variety of sliced breads, brötchen, croissants, cured fish and meats, sliced cheeses, scrambled eggs, jam, honey, and high quality butter. But you better plan to get an early start on the weekends, or sneak away from work during the week. The word has gotten out.

Katharina’s Konditorei, 529 Overton St., Newport, (859) 291-CAFÉ,


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