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Cincy Obscura: Inside Jeff Wyler’s Impressive Private Car Collection

Jeff Wyler started buying model cars 20 years ago. In eight years he collected more than 100, which now sit in a glass display...

Cincy Obscura: The Oesper Collection

“It would not be possible to assemble this museum today.”

Cincy Obscura: If These Tunnels Could Talk

The entrance to this 101-year-old East End pedestrian tunnel—and its Riverside Drive twin—blends into the earthy hillside it intersects.

Cincy Obscura: Taft Museum Branches Out

Is it...alive? Not exactly. It’s six tons of willow tree saplings bent and shaped together, making a kind of swirly wooden Stonehenge with a side of Blair Witch.

Cincy Obscura: The Renaissance Hotel’s Hidden Safety Deposit Boxes

Turn-of-the-century Cincinnatians who frequented downtown’s Union Savings Bank and Trust relied on its 5,576 safety deposit boxes, which still sit (empty, unfortunately) in the basement of the 1901 building.

Cincy Obscura: The Goebel Goats

Trouble with rampant honeysuckle, riotous poison ivy, random roguery? The Goebel Girls are on the job.

Cincy Obscura: The Lodge

A couple of years ago, Walk the Moon spent six intense weeks on-site, writing songs and recording demos for their first album, and their website notes the building’s “secret rooms, ghosts, and taxidermy.”

Cincy Obscura: Dennison Hotel’s Last Stand

It began as an ironworks company in 1892. It ended as rubble after the battle between the Columbia Development Group (a division of Joseph Auto) and preservation activists.

Cincy Obscura: Adventures in Road Salting

The city lays in 27,000 tons of salt to start the season, with a contract for up to 40,000 tons if things get snowpocalyptic.

Cincy Obscura: Behind the Scenes in the Cyclones Equipment Locker

Chris Burke’s realm at U.S. Bank Arena is a kingdom of fire and ice.