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On The Market: A Mid-Century Tree House in Clifton

If you’re going to build a rambling 4,400 square-foot house in the middle of the woods, why not just do one better and slap on some stilts?

On The Market: A Colorful Middletown Victorian With Commercial Potential

This two-story house was originally owned by George Barnitz, a local gent who open the first bank in Middletown. Since 1861, the building has served many purposes from housing to office space, all with that same cute Victorian exterior. Inside, however, things get pretty bold.

Goldsmith Cardel Curates The Good Life

For 30 Years, Tim Goldsmith has exhibited an eye for the finer things.

Style + Shopping

Leather Goes Mainstream

Expertly tanned hides aren’t just for bikers anymore.

Style Counsel: Niyah Jackson

“I’m an introvert, but I’m pretty confident and intuitive and very creative. An introvert to me just means I think things through in my head more than I speak them out loud.”

Six Ways To Wear Florals

There’s no better way to celebrate spring than by putting flowers on everything.

Health + Wellness

The Protein That Could Stop Cancer in its Tracks

Researchers at Children’s are studying how cancer spreads—and maybe how it stops.

Former P&G Brand Manager Creates Her Own Wellness Beauty Line

Ami Kulkarni was operating at the highest levels of the consumer products industry. But while she was managing the public face of P&G’s global products, she was also busy learning everything she could about skin chemistry and cell biology.

Dark Asana Yoga is as Metal as it Sounds

The darkness and the music—we’re talking space doom; black, stoner, and atmospheric metal; drone, noise, and ambient—drown out distractions and make the whole thing deeply meditative.

Kids + Family

Talking to Your Kids About Scary Headlines

Whether it’s a natural disaster or mass shooting, tragedies are impossible to hide from your child. They’ll learn about them through media coverage or from a kid on the bus. Here’s how to talk to your kids about what’s happening.


Local Love: Kevin Huber & Mindi Naticchioni

Bengals punter Kevin Huber married sweetheart Mindi Naticchioni during a lavish celebration in Over-the-Rhine.

Niamh O’Leary & Michael Hubbard

Local Love: Niamh O’Leary & Michael Hubbard

Niamh and Michael took a leap of faith by investing in a wedding venue that was still under-construction when they toured it – it paid off.

Vendor Spotlight: Krippendorf Lodge

The lodge is all-inclusive, so packages include its exclusive catering service and an event coordinator.