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Traverse City, Michigan

Michigan water is a mythical thing, and it’s not just because of those misty-eyed Tim Allen commercials. And Traverse City water—stretching from Lake Michigan down through a sequence of long inlet bays and lakes—is something all its own: so clear and turquoise blue that you could mistake the place for Bali Ha’i if not for the reflection of the pines.
Yellow Springs, Ohio

In addition to the retro-hippy charm that draws sightseers and clogs the sidewalks on golden autumn weekends, Yellow Springs is a fine base for a couple of days of vigorous (or leisurely) cycling on the Little Miami Scenic Trail—part of Southwest Ohio’s growing network of paved recreational paths.
Driftless Area, Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s Driftless Area is a collection of small towns that punctuate rolling acreage and forested hills formed over time by relentlessly winding rivers, like the Kickapoo, which in the native Algonquian language means “one who goes there, then here.” Even the county roads, dotted in parts with furniture makers, fur traders, and canoe rentals, obey the geography; there’s not a straight-shot freeway in sight.
Asheville, North Carolina

A mere five-hour drive through the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains, this Low Country hot spot is a nexus of international cuisine and craft beer.

What’s Your Road Trip Personality?
Do you seek out country cottages? Urban centers? Anywhere with a lake? Take our quiz to find out.
What’s Your Road Trip Personality?

Fall 2015 Travel Guide

Best Burgers 2015


The 45 Best Burgers in Cincinnati

Five years ago we inaugurated our first ranking of the city’s best hamburgers. The time has come to run that gauntlet again. Get the rest of our coverage here.


Style Scout

Color wheel sampler

Learn Embroidery Basics at The Hoop & Needle

Whether you’re new to needlework or revisiting an old pastime, this two-day embroidery course at The Hoop & Needle will be a great place to start.


Pretty Creepy, Pretty Cool

Ever wanted a dress printed with Paul Brown Stadium or a bag created from a picture of the Germania Building? You will.

CG Ceramics, Covington

Our Guide to Ceramics in the Queen City

Whether in the kiln, at the wheel, or mucking about in creeks, playing with clay is hot right now. A guide to getting your hands dirty.

Photographs by Anna Jones/OMS

Whistle Stop Clay Works Creates Replicas of Century-Old Manhole Covers

Civic infrastructure was once treated as art. Tim O’Grady is reviving that tradition with clay.


Home & Garden

Photographs courtesy Coldwell Banker West Shell

On The Market: A Pretty Hyde Park Colonial

Where traditional meets cozy.


Neighborhood Spotlight: Westwood

Take a look at our snapshots to get a glimpse of the good life in Westwood.


Market Roundup: Victorian Homes

Stained glass! Original woodwork! Porch brackets!

Cincinnati Kids


Civic Garden Center Offers Outdoor Education for Your Littlest Sprouts

Get their little green thumbs dirty this season with a few special autumn offerings from the Civic Garden Center.

Wooden camera, $15

Spotted: The Wooden Lion Toy Company

Weary of all the whirligigs? So is every other parent. Simplify your kid’s space with classic handmade toys that counteract the screen time juggernaut.


To-Do List: Jack-o-Lantern Junction at EnterTRAINment Junction

What’s better than trains? Trains and pumpkins.

Cincinnati Wedding

Ashley and Joe Schomaker

Local Love: Ashley Diers + Joe Schomaker

The Porkopolis locals kicked off cocktail hour with none other than a bacon bar.


Wedding Workshop is October 21st!

You don’t want to miss our Fall Wedding Workshop!

Lilly and Nicholas Grote

Local Love: Lilly Carothers + Nicholas Grote

Lilly and Nick created a picnic-like atmosphere for their rustic Italian wedding, using torches, tin lanterns, and festoon lighting to enhance the day’s intimate feel.