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On The Market: A 111-Year-Old Estate Home With A Story

A long history and a jumble of architectural details add up to quirky charm in Clermont County.

This Mid-Century Modern Gem Designed By Ben Dombar Could Use A Little Love

Cincinnati brothers Abram and Ben Dombar apprenticed under Frank Lloyd Wright in the 1930s; afterward, each returned home to practice what he had learned. Together and separately they designed hundreds of Mid-Century Modern homes here.

Shop Talk: Your Friends & Neighbors

This East Walnut Hills store is an appealing mash-up of refined vintage and indie craft.

Style + Shopping

Style Counsel: Lauren Doolittle

“None of the physicians or nurse practitioners in my practice wear lab jackets. You hear a lot about “white coat syndrome.” Little ones get anxious and more scared when you come in with that white coat.”

Shopping List: Space Oddities

Exploring an intergalactic planetarium’s worth of otherworldly finds.

The Find: FluxBots

Antiques go back to the future.

Health + Wellness

The Protein That Could Stop Cancer in its Tracks

Researchers at Children’s are studying how cancer spreads—and maybe how it stops.

Former P&G Brand Manager Creates Her Own Wellness Beauty Line

Ami Kulkarni was operating at the highest levels of the consumer products industry. But while she was managing the public face of P&G’s global products, she was also busy learning everything she could about skin chemistry and cell biology.

Dark Asana Yoga is as Metal as it Sounds

The darkness and the music—we’re talking space doom; black, stoner, and atmospheric metal; drone, noise, and ambient—drown out distractions and make the whole thing deeply meditative.

Kids + Family

What Can We Expect From Preschool Promise?

Issue 44—commonly known as Preschool Promise—passed with a large majority. But what exactly was Preschool Promise, and how will its passage impact our local schools?

Talking to Your Kids About Scary Headlines

Whether it’s a natural disaster or mass shooting, tragedies are impossible to hide from your child. They’ll learn about them through media coverage or from a kid on the bus. Here’s how to talk to your kids about what’s happening.


Local Love: Tess Eger & David Edminston

Tess and David held their reception at the Rookwood, the same bar where they had their first date.

Drunk Groomsmen, Paying Parents, and Are Engagement Photos Worth It?

My fiancé’s college friends are big drinkers. We’ve been to lots of mutual friends’ weddings where they got pretty rowdy, and I don’t want that for my own wedding. How can I prevent it? I want a reception, not a frat party. —Nervous Dear Nervous, If you’ve decided to host an open bar at your […]

Local Love: Kevin Huber & Mindi Naticchioni

Bengals punter Kevin Huber married sweetheart Mindi Naticchioni during a lavish celebration in Over-the-Rhine.