Summer Weekend Getaways

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Food + Dining

Dining Reviews

The Italian Burger

ZBGB’s Burger is a Beautiful Mess

ZBGB woos with rich flavors and a from-scratch ethos, but its burgers aren’t ready to settle down.

June 2016Comments


Fine Diving: Chicago Gyros and Dogs

For as long as any UC alum can remember, Chicago Gyros has been at the corner of Clifton and McMillan, even though six years ago they moved directly across the street. Said move added more hot dogs and a liquor license, but the original Greek flair is still kicking.

June 2016Comments

Life + Style

Home + Garden


Urban Homesteading 101: Container Gardening

With so little distance to travel from soil to plate, potted plants are the carbon footprint equivalent of roller skates.

Shaker Trace: Some seeds require hand-sorting.

Urban Homesteading 101: Harvesting Seeds

In a landscape filled with GMOs and monocropping and invasive species, sometimes it’s good to just let your garden grow the natural way.

Style + Shopping

Saxophone keys transformed into pendants, inspired by Fisher’s grandfather (pendant back, left; front, right). $28 each

This Designer Will Make Jewelry Out Of Pretty Much Anything

Musical instruments and more are in for a wearable tune-up if Lynne&Lucille has anything to do with it.

Victor Athletics Club

Friends Don’t Let Friends Wear Cargo Shorts

Gentlemen, step away from the saggy khakis—and toward a bevy of new casual menswear shops.

Pot Luck–This lightweight, nonstick pot makes cooking at even the most remote campsite quick and easy. Pack it up (it comes with its own carrying case) and hunker down for a hearty meal. Evernew 1.2-liter Ceramic Pot 15, $26.93, REI,

Glamping is Fancy Outdoor Fun and Haters to the Left

Camping does not have to mean roughing it. Here’s the gear for a more luxe time communing with nature.

Kids + Family


This Camp Counselor Carries Around a Pet Log as a Teaching Tool. And It Kind Of Works.

“Being camp-raised opens you up to the possibilities of imagination. It’s always a wacky place where kids don’t have to fit into an adult world.”


Top 5 Ways to Celebrate the Ohio River Paddlefest

The 15th annual Ohio River Paddlefest returns this year on August 6 when 2,000 kayaks and canoes are expected to hit the river. Here are five ways to connect to the mighty Ohio this week, with or without a boat.


By The Numbers: Kings Island’s Bonkers New Water Slide

Slide-riders, rejoice! The new seven-story Tropical Plunge at Kings Island’s Soak City water park opened its chutes Memorial Day weekend. The gravity-aided attraction includes six slides with twists and turns to thrill even the park’s most seasoned Gold Pass–holders, including vertical drops from various “Aqua-Launch” chambers and a string of four 360-degree loops. We crunched the numbers on this wet and wild ride.

Local Weddings


Local Love: Rebecca Richmond & Robert Metzner

Rebecca’s and Robert’s eclectic, edgy, and contemporary style shined through on their wedding day, which was filled with polka-dot ties and pop art table decor and attended by their best friend Barley—their dog.


Local Love: Rachel Kirkwood & David Skinner

After completing renovations at their home, Rachel and David created an intimate space in their own backyard for their wedding ceremony.


Local Love: Lauren Kemnitz & Dustin Flint

This couple’s love of music was evident throughout their wedding, from the song created by friends for the reception to Lebanon high school students playing jazz during cocktail hour.